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DIY Graphic Design vs Hiring a Professional

With access to hundreds of cheap - and sometimes free - graphics online it’s becoming even easier to create a brand for your business. So why are many turning away from DIY and realising the value of engaging a professional designer instead?

Here are four reasons why hiring a graphic designer will benefit your business:

1. It will save you time.
Anyone who runs a business understands that time equals money. This means that jobs that fall outside of our expertise become a chore, are time-consuming and usually fall to the bottom of the list. Working out how to use the software, what formats and files to use, resolution, cmyk, rgb…?!?! Arghhh. Imagine how much more productive you could be at your ‘real’ job if you left it in the hands of an expert to get the job done?

2. Create a unique brand.
Purchasing ‘clipart’ and ‘logos’ from the internet means that you are not creating your own unique visual identity. It could possibly mean that you are using the same or similar images as your competitors. Standing out and creating a brand that aligns with your business and values is the key when creating your business brand, and hiring a professional designer can help you do just this.

3. Consistency is key.
The one crucial part of creating a memorable brand is retaining and matching every element of your marketing material from your website, brochures, posters, social media profiles and eNewsletters. Creating a mixed match of images, colour and fonts, designed by different people is brand suicide. Trust your design professional and understand that they are designing from a place of love.

4. Hire a creative.
Engaging a professional that oozes creativity and wants to make a difference to your business is a certain way to breathe fresh new life into your marketing material. A designer has an objective eye, and can deliver a fresh message or idea rather than being over emotional. Work with a designer that makes you feel proud to stand behind your brand.

If you need the help of a professional designer contact us at Graphika. We are happy to have a chat and talk about where you would like us to take your business.

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