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How to integrate your brand across your entire company

We keep hearing the term ‘brand’ everywhere from meeting tables to our televisions sets and all over the internet. Almost anyone who runs a business, or is involved in one, at any level, uses this word more frequently than others. Yet when we see, there are very few companies in the world that have managed to earn loyal customers, and only a select few have even been able to make fans out of their customers.

To survive and succeed in this cut-throat-competitive era, a business needs to make a brand of itself. Only then can you expect a constant stream of customers. But what is ‘brand’?

In my opinion, a brand is a promise that you make to your customer!

Branding, today, has become essential for every business, and in order to register yourself in your market, you need a brand image by which people know you. Not just an image, you need to become a brand that delivers on its promises. Only then will your customers validate you.

Defining your brand personality is your base:
- Who are you?
- What do you want to be?
- Who do people perceive you to be?
- What do you want people to perceive you to be?
- Are you high end with high quality, or low end with high value? Or both?

Once you have done all this, here are some things you need to get done.

1. Get a good logo: Get a professional logo that represents your brand and start using it everywhere.

2. Finalize your brand messaging: You need to figure out an adequate brand message that says it all in one single line. This one is a tricky one and you may help to figure this out.

3. Find a “voice” for your brand: Now that you have decided what you are as a brand, it’s time that you also found a voice for it. This voice must be present consistently throughout the segments of your business be it your written communication and the visual imagery of all materials, both online and offline

4. Brand integration: Integrate your brand into every other aspect of your company, from the website to all communication messages and advertisements.

5. Get branded templates and other marketing material: You need to design templates and create brand standards for your company material. Use the same colour schemes, the same logo, and the same look and feel throughout. Your office space must also be in alignment with your brand.

If you find the right guidance and motivation, building a brand out of your small business is not impossible. All you need to do is find the right professionals to help you through the entire process.

Call Graphika today to help you through the process.

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