Is your logo ugly? When is it time to refresh?


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Is your logo ugly? When is it time to refresh?

One of the hardest subject matters for us to honestly address with clients is the appearance of their corporate logo.

"That's an ugly logo."

You just can't say that!

For many business owners, their logo is like a child and they're understandably protective of it and find it nearly impossible to see the reality that their logo just might be well... ugly.

If you have read this far, your logo probably does need work, and your subconscious knows it, but here are the real reasons to take the time to keep your logo fresh:

  1. It shows you care about your brand and ahead with the times, which tells your customers how you will treat their respective interests in your business.
  2. Older logos will not suit with new media such as website redesigns, social media, email templates and blogs.
  3. It creates rejuvenation in your brand image and amongst your customers. It shows them you are a forward thinking business.
  4. It increases morale internally.

If you think that your business might be in need of a refresh, take a look at our work page. It might just inspire you!

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