Sun, fun & recharging the creative brain


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Sun, fun & recharging the creative brain

When I first started my business, I knew that I was going to have to work hard if I wanted to succeed. In my mind, hard work equalled success. So, as long as I worked hard then I'd be successful in what I did. Looking back that's quite naive. I'm not saying that hard work doesn't equal success but "working smarter", although a cliche, is a quick lesson I've learnt.

It's not about giving less effort, but using the time that you have wisely, and recharging when you need it. Of course it's easier said than done, especially when you're busy and stressed. But I now find it's essential when running a successful business.

I remember when I took my first holiday break when I started my business. It didn't feel like a typical "relaxing holiday". I'd be checking email 24/7 and responding to work calls each day. Big mistake!

So here are 3 rules I have put in place which have given me greater clarity, improved my creativity and refreshed my thinking:

  1. Don't check email after hours. Turn it off. There is no need to respond to work email when you're not there. When your work day is done, turn your email off, and focus on what helps you recharge for the next day.
  2. If you have a home office, shut the door outside of office hours - it's a no go zone. If you wander in there, then who knows what evils will catch your eye and send your brain back into work mode. Stay out of there! Seriously. Just stay out.
  3. My final tip is to keep your body and mind healthy and active. Doing something you love for a part of your day will help feed your creative brain - a walk, run, bike ride, the beach, coffee with friends, whatever works. I'm not saying to go for 5 hour walks every day, while your workload goes out of control and your clients leave you. However, do make a clear distinction between your time and your work time. Ensure that you get plenty of time to relax and switch off from work.

Now, when I go on my summer holiday, I take time away from work. There is a clear distinction between work time and down time, and it feels great!

I'm back, recharged and ready for my most successful year ever!

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