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The Brilliantly Branded Barber

My son has been getting his hair cut religiously now every five weeks. 

It started with the day he was desperate for a trim, and as a mum, I didn’t expect anything more than a cheap hair cut – no fuss and we walk out. 

We walked past the frontage of the barber at my local shopping centre. I won’t lie, as a designer I am sucked in by latest trends and styles. The logo looked pretty cool out the front, so we head in. 

But I soon realise this was not your regular hair cutting service. When you set foot on to the shop’s black and white checked tiles you are captivated by the barber shop style interiors and 1930's music. 

We are quickly greeted by a woman with long flowing dark hair, jeans and a retro look. She takes some details, hands the kids each a lollipop, and we are all sold. 

We sit and wait.

As I look around I notice that this place has the brand thing down pat. They all wore the same outfit – black jeans, black shiny shoes, white muscle shirt and they all had some type of fancy moustache or facial hair.  

While they were cutting hair it was as though these barber’s also had a hair styling template. A method that worked, and they stuck to it. There were no fancy hair colours, no perms, no chemicals – just clippers, scissors and a razor. These men were excellent at their craft and every hairstyle that walked in and out was perfect. Not a hair out of place. This was the perfect business model. If you’re good at one thing, stick to it, and do it well.

It was our turn. 

My son climbs up on to the leather chair and off we go. The barber was flicking and swishing like Edward Scissorhands. I checked to see if he was ok under all the bits of hair, and he gave me the thumbs up. Phew! ... and Waa-laa… just like that. He too was perfect! Not a hair out of place. He stepped off the leather chair with a smile, and I knew that this place had done their job well.

From the moment we set foot inside, this barber was the epitome of branding. It was not only the look from the outside and fine details, but the experience as a whole. 

We walk out and know that we will be back! 

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